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We are here to help your business take advantage of technology to increase your market, sales and retention of customers. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Our goal it to help create a strategy to achieve business goals through new technologies. Internet marketing, graphic design and user experiences drive the goal of creating technologies increase the number of your customers, facilitates sales and encourages return visits.

What Clients Say

The Move to Focus Team

Creating online marketing tools for your business


Christopher Adlparvar

A solution driven developer with 15 years of experience in a growing internet. Has created from the simplest to very sophisticated web applications to market services online to medical school training tools. Focused on creating value for your business by attracting more customers, increasing sales and maintaining current customers.

Designer / Developer

George Child

Dynamic graphic designer with over 10 years experience with design concepts, along with over 6 years of experience in web development, offering multiple possible solutions for each project, considering as many aspects as possible of the web experience and the project goal.

Our Vision

Our design teams has over 15 years of experience creating printable and online designs for business and educational organizations. We will create a unique visual identity for your business positioned to improve the way others understand your business.
Social media can help you reach people you don’t know want your product. Let your clients help you market your business. We will provide you with the tools to reach the world.
Bring your store online and increase your reach. We will help you setup you online store and provide you with the processes to easily fulfill orders as well as receive payments online.
Provide your clients with easy ways to interact with your services and purchase services on the go.

Our Skills

Our goal is provide your business with the support it needs to reach new customers, close sales and build repeat customers. We understand that you are busy running a business and your time needs to stay focused on the core of your business so we help you develop the tools to market your business online, implement time and cost saving technologies and setup up an online store.

Internet Marketing 95%
Theme Development 95%
OnLine Store 95%
Social Media Marketing 90%
Mobile Application Development 80%

Social Media

Let’s it introduce your brand to all of your friends and the friends of your friends.


It is time for Google to put you at the top of the search.

Content Writing

Don’t have time or want to write the content of your new website? Let our team help you with it.

Mobile Web

All websites need to work on mobile devices so your customers can find you on the go.

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